We are a creative team of artist, leaving & breathing London. Individuals, who often clash… for a good cause. We pursue one goal: artistic excellence, with a strong sense of style and perfection, showing our visions in distinctive ways.

In Fashion we are influenced by the great masters and visionaries. In art it’s everything that surrounds us, which can be inspiration.

As a team we value, respect, harmony and most of all professionalism. We look for artistic alchemy and shared vision. We LOVE what we do.

Art + Design:  For Dorota’s Fine Art Projects, please go to BLOG.



This is the team behind my success

Dorota Beau-Ingle

Fashion and Art Photographer

Currently studying BA Photography at London Collage of Communication, University of the Arts London. Her work is influenced by the great masters, contemporary art forms connected to photography and early 20th century visionaries among others.

Eric Beau-Ingle

Artistic Director

Eric’s artistic eye overlooks many projects. His advice about the direction of the shoot is greatly respected. His expertise in fashion/styling  is exemplary. He acts as a mentor and strategist. He is also a very talented artist. He is a creator of many art forms.

Emilie Harper

Team Assistant

Professional photographer herself, Emilie is a valuable technical help in our shoots. Apart from managing lighting & computer, she makes everyone in the shoot feel relaxed & comfortable, and plays a great support role for Dorota.

Athina Markou

Hair Stylist

Currently working for Rush Hair in one of their busy salons in the heart of the city.  She is a creative hair stylist and very cheerful addition to our Team.